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Hunger is not about too many people and too little food. Power and politics determines who eats and who doesn't.

Three quarters of our planet's hungriest people live in rural areas, where most of them work as farmers, herders, or fishers. They are surrounded by the means to produce food, and yet many go hungry.

Meanwhile, fertile land and water are becoming scarce. Erratic growing seasons, water shortages and rising temperatures caused by climate change are already hurting farmers. Oxfam calculates that by 2015 over 375 million people, most of them poor, will be affected each year by climate-related disasters like hurricanes and floods.

In many countries, women are the primary food producers. Yet women face hunger and poverty more frequently than men. Hungry mothers give birth to low birthweight children, renewing a generational cycle of inequality.

Oxfam has brought together a diverse group of American women as Sisters on the Planet. Today, the Sisters on the Planet are raising awareness about climate change, hunger, and other crises facing women in poor countries. We are using our influence to fight poverty and hunger now and for generations to come.

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