share the recipe and manufacture more COVID-19 vaccines


Corporate greed is killing us. Thousands of people around the world die every day because pharmaceutical companies refuse to share COVID vaccine technology and know-how.  
We need to increase manufacturing and supply to ensure that vaccines are accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

Healthcare inequality has dire consequences for everyone. Many people in developing nations may not get a COVID-19 vaccine until 2023 or even later unless we massively increase production globally. This inequality is a moral, public health, gender justice, and economic disaster that threatens to prolong the devastation caused by COVID-19. 
As we have seen with the Delta variant and now Omicron, if COVID is left unchecked in other parts of the world, a mutation can make our vaccines less effective. And then we will be back to square one with women—particularly women of color—disproportionately impacted by the effects of the pandemic.  
This can't wait: Sign your name now and demand that President Biden and pharmaceutical companies share the vaccine technology and know-how and speed up manufacturing to get as many doses out into the world as possible.  
We need our leaders, health authorities, and pharmaceutical companies to work together to design and deliver fair and equitable global production and distribution for the vaccine and all COVID-19 products and technologies. That includes expanding the world’s supply of vaccines immediately.  
Take action now: Sign your name and demand that President Biden work with world leaders and pharmaceutical companies to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to the vaccine.  
No one is safe until everyone is safe.  

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