affordable child care for all

Care work makes all work possible

In the US and globally, mothers and those tasked with caring for children, the sick, and the elderly have become society’s safety net during the pandemic. They have sacrificed their careers, financial security, emotional and physical wellbeing in order for our society and economies to continue to function.  

Care is universal—needed by everyone at all stages of life—yet it is taken on primarily by women. On average, women do three times as much unpaid care work as men and make up the majority of the world’s underpaid care workers. Systemic racism has also compounded this burden. Twice as many Black moms in the US have left the workforce as white moms.  

Governments and businesses have failed our mothers and caretakers with woefully inadequate policies and protections that have set women’s progress back by decades and will ultimately cost us all with a slower path to recovery. Women need more support. They need a government that understands that care work—both paid and unpaid—is just as important to the country’s infrastructure as bridges and roads.  

Our leaders must start treating care as essential. They must include care as a vital part of our economy; they must directly address the needs of underserved and low-wage women; and they must value the work of caring for children, the sick, people with disabilities, and the elderly in a way that will ultimately lead to a more equitable economy and society. Providing affordable and accessible child care, particularly for low-income families, is central to our collective wellbeing.  

Sign your name now and call on Congress to ensure affordable, quality child care is accessible to all. 

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