End xenophobic & anti-refugee policies


Every day, families leave their homes and possessions behind, risking their lives to pursue safety and security elsewhere.  

In spite of promises to welcome people fleeing violence and oppression, the Biden administration continues to hold the line on cruel and xenophobic efforts to expel migrants to dangerous and sometimes deadly situations, just as the Trump administration did.  

That's why we need your signature below to demand that President Biden end cruel immigration policies, like Title 42.  

Title 42 is a little-known provision of US law, which the Trump administration invoked as part of its xenophobic, anti-refugee goals. The order has already exposed hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, including unaccompanied children, to risk of serious harm including kidnapping, rape, and murder as they are made to wait in Mexico or deported to their home countries. Even as judges have ordered the Biden administration to stop expelling families who face persecution and torture, the Administration continues to fight to uphold this policy in court, and is sending families back into harm's way at an alarming pace. The Biden administration has also been known to send flights of detainees to distant parts of the border to expel them farther from where they crossed, putting them in more vulnerable situations. 

At a time of unprecedented global displacement, the US cannot continue to leave the world’s most vulnerable people in limbo between safety and harm. We must demand progress on creating a more just and humane immigration and asylum system that respects human rights. 

It’s time to demand that the Biden administration live up to its promises and our nation’s values and immediately rescind Title 42 so persecuted people can claim asylum in the US.  

Sign your name now and demand that the Biden administration end Title 42 and give people fleeing persecution a chance to rebuild their lives in safety and dignity.  

**Signatures will be collected and delivered to the Biden administration.  

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