CHILD CARE is essential.

Women have been forced to step away from the workforce—suffering economic and emotional repercussions—because our government has not prioritized funding a system that provides adequate affordable child care for hard working families. Women have been the fallback. And it’s hurting all of us. 
Congress has an opportunity in this next $3.5 trillion budget to invest in care that will impact us now and for generations to come. A bold substantial investment in care is the only way we’ll achieve a fair and equitable recovery for all. 
Join Oxfam in calling on Congress to make sure that: 
  • all children have access to safe, reliable, quality care; 
  • families spend no more than 7 percent of their hard-earned income on out-of-pocket expenses for child care; 
  • people caring for our children are paid living wages and have access to workplace benefits. 
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