The climate crisis is affecting every community across every continent, but it is the poorest people who are least responsible for the problem who suffer the most.

That’s why the US must urgently reduce emissions and help frontline communities cope with mounting climate impacts.

President Biden has promised that climate action would be a core priority of his presidency. Rejoining the landmark Paris Agreement, prioritizing environmental justice and committing to a new emissions reduction target were important first steps. Now the hard work begins.

The Biden administration must do its fair share to address the climate crisis here and abroad in a way that promotes equity and meets the needs of the most vulnerable.

Sign your name to join us in calling on President Biden to:

  • Reduce emissions in a way that promotes equity and ensures historically marginalized and vulnerable communities have a voice in advancing the climate agenda.
  • Stop propping up the fossil fuel industry with US tax subsidies and giveaways, and lead the world in phasing out producer subsidies and fossil fuel finance.
  • Protect people on the frontlines of climate change by scaling up funding needed to help vulnerable communities in the US and around the world manage increasingly extreme climate impacts.

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