Demand the Biden Administration Keep Their Promise to Welcome Refugees

As the world watches, thousands of Afghan families have fled their homes in recent weeks searching for safety. Before the current crisis, there were already 2.9 million Afghans internally displaced and 2.5 million Afghan refugees. Time is of the essence right now to save lives — tell the Biden administration to live up to the nation's promise and deliver refugees from around the globe out of harm's way.
Every minute that passes without concrete action, Afghans, particularly human rights defenders, women's rights activists, and members of ethnic and religious minority groups are in immediate danger. Like millions of refugees and people fleeing persecution around the world, they deserve the chance to rebuild their lives in safety and dignity, and to receive the support they need along the way.
The Biden administration must take decisive, urgent action now to protect refugee families. Generations of refugees have found safety and the opportunity to rebuild their lives in the US — it's time we restore the United States as a welcoming place for those in need.
People fleeing imminent danger are counting on us. Sign your name and demand the Biden administration support the Afghan people and refugees worldwide with actions, not words, by raising the US refugee admissions goal to 200,000.

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