Sign on: bigger bolder climate action NOW

The climate crisis is exacerbating the hunger crisis as fires, floods, and droughts make it harder to grow food around the world. This ongoing emergency is affecting every community across every continent, but it is the poorest people who are least responsible for the problem who suffer the most. We have heard big words and pledges, but we still need the wealthiest countries and corporations, who are the ones doing the most harm to our planet, to ramp up their climate commitments.  

That’s why we are demanding that the Biden administration take bigger and bolder action to urgently reduce emissions and help the most impacted communities cope with mounting climate impacts. 

The Biden administration must show leadership amongst world leaders and do its fair share to address the climate crisis in the U.S. and around the world in a way that promotes equity and meets the needs of the most vulnerable. 

Sign your name to join us in calling on President Biden to do more to: 

  • Reduce emissions in a just and equitable way. 
  • Support people on the frontlines of extreme climate impacts by scaling up funding and investments in adaptation to meet the needs of local communities, combat hunger through food security, and build resilience. 
  • Ensure historically marginalized and vulnerable communities–including women and Indigenous communities–have a voice on the global stage in advancing the climate agenda. 

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