Help us send a clear message of support for refugees and displaced people everywhere: sign this petition if you believe all people have the right to flee from conflict and to seek asylum in the quest for freedom and security.

Every two seconds, another person is forced to flee conflict and persecution, leaving behind all they have. The world’s refugees deserve the chance to live their lives in safety, dignity, and peace.

We must respond to this global humanitarian crisis right now by taking compassionate action to end harmful policies that are putting the lives of those seeking safety in danger.

We call on the Biden administration to:

  • Uphold its own responsibilities under US and international law to welcome all people fleeing persecution and violence – regardless of race, religion, nationality, or gender;
  • End harmful anti-asylum policies at the border;
  • Accelerate efforts to resettle refugees from around the world, many of whom have been waiting in limbo for years.

Sign this petition and demand the Biden administration take action to support the rights of all refugees whether from Ukraine, Haiti, Central America, Afghanistan or beyond.

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