Protect Our Bedrock Environmental Justice Laws

Recognizing the threat created by climate change is only the first step in taking action to protect the environment. Across the globe, temperatures are rising and climate change is disproportionately harming the people least responsible for this global climate crisis. Particularly, BIPOC communities and women are the most marginalized and least able to adapt as the frequency and severity of extreme weather events worsen. Meanwhile, the fossil fuel industry is reaping record profits from this destruction. This is not sustainable!

The Biden administration has an opportunity to make good on climate and environmental justice commitments by upholding and improving the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) guidelines to meet our emissions targets and protect communities.

President Biden, you can and you must do more to protect future generations. End our addiction to fossil fuels and strengthen the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Sign your name to tell President Biden urgent action is needed to slow devastating climate change - Strengthen NEPA today!

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