Urgent Action to Prevent Famine

Everyone has an equal right to food, but gross inequality means that a hunger crisis persists in many parts of the world. Critical aid is not reaching people in countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and South Sudan. Too often, the international community doesn’t act with enough urgency until a famine is declared, but we’re already seeing famine-like conditions across countries in East Africa.  

No matter how a hunger crisis is technically categorized, one thing is clear: people are suffering and dying today and need essential support. If we wait for a famine to be declared before we take action, it will be too late.   

When local partners report deteriorating food security, it's critical to respond immediately. We cannot and should not wait for famine to be declared in order to provide necessary aid to help people who are suffering.    

Sign below to demand that President Biden and Congress prioritize and fund early and swift responses to prevent famine and save lives before it’s too late. 

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