End xenophobic & anti-refugee policies

Every day, families leave their homes and possessions behind, risking their lives to pursue safety and security elsewhere. In spite of promises to welcome people fleeing violence and oppression, the Biden administration has made far too little progress on creating a more just and humane immigration and asylum system that respects human rights. 

That's why we need your signature below to make sure that the Biden administration gives people fleeing persecution a chance to rebuild their lives in safety and dignity. 

During his campaign, President Biden promised to reverse the Trump administration’s cruel and xenophobic immigration policies. However, President Biden continues to expel vulnerable people into harm’s way using an obscure rule known as Title 42.  

Title 42 is a little-known provision of US law, which the Trump administration invoked as part of its xenophobic, anti-refugee goals. Using this provision, the Trump administration and now the Biden administration have expelled tens of thousands of people since the pandemic began, despite the fact that the public health claims used to justify this rule have been widely de-bunked by experts, and are even less relevant now given the wide availability of vaccines in the US. 

At a time of unprecedented global displacement, the US cannot continue to leave the world’s most vulnerable people in limbo between safety and harm. Every day that Title 42 remains in place, people are being sent back into harm’s way, possibly to their deaths.  

It’s time to demand that the Biden administration live up to its promises and our nation’s values and immediately rescind Title 42 so persecuted people can claim asylum in the US.  

Sign your name now and demand that the Biden administration end Title 42 and give people fleeing persecution a chance to rebuild their lives in safety and dignity.  

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